*Spoiler* Rhea Ripley entertained the fans

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*Spoiler* Rhea Ripley entertained the fans

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT appointment. The evening opens with the first match of the Pick Your Poison series that sees Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade mutually choose the opponents to face. SINGLES MATCH: Roxanne Perez vs Rhea Ripley; Needless to say, Rhea has a much higher caliber and manages to put poor Roxanne in serious difficulty, who really tries them all.

Rhea ends up being sent out of the ring where she is then joined by Roxanne who ends up violently crashing into the apron. The battle continues with Perez who again manages to send Rhea out of the ring and then knocks her down this time with a suicide dive.

Back on the ropes Rhea manages to regain control of the match and, thanks also to the intervention of Dominik Mysterio, she hits the mark with the Riptide. RESULT: Rhea Ripley pinfall win; Post match we see Cora Jade in the backstage intent on watching satisfied what just happened.

Now let's see Tony D'Angelo arrive together with Channing Lorenzo with the latter ready to face whoever has chosen Tony. We are now offered a promo starring Grayson Waller who is interrupted by Chucky (iconic red-haired doll of the Halloween period) who tells him that the match with Apollo Crews will be a Spin the wheel make the deal.

Cora Jade picked Rhea Ripley

Cora Jade picked Rhea Ripley as Roxanne Perez’s opponent on WWE NXT this week. Let's go now to the ring where we will discover Channing Lorenzo's opponent. Among the general amazement to make the entry of him is none other than Shinsuke Nakamura, ready to relive those emotions that he experienced in the best period of his career in WWE.

SINGLES MATCH: Channing Lorenzo vs Shinsuke Nakamura; The match does not have much to tell and sees Nakamura dominate far and wide with Lorenzo who cannot help but suffer the offensive of his opponent. In fact, we see the Japanese wrestler perform his good vibrations and then perform his tried and tested combo of punches and kicks.

Not happy Shinsuke also scores with the German Suplex snap. Channing, however, does not seem to want to give up that easily and tries a reaction that turns out to be ephemeral as he ends up being sent out of the ring with a kick to the face.

Nakamura then goes to take him back and after having brought him between the ropes he knocks him down with the Kinshasa. RESULT: Shinsuke Nakamura's pinfall win; The next match will instead be all female and will involve an athlete who has recently returned to NXT.