*Spoiler* Cameron Grimes shone again

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*Spoiler* Cameron Grimes shone again

Let's move on to the next match in which the couple category is engaged. TAG MATCH: Wes Lee & Oro Mensah vs Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams; We are offered a pleasant match with the two teams intent on giving each other a good reason and with an extraordinary speed.

We see Gold scoring a schissor kick and then attempting a jump on the second string but being interrupted by Tick who causes him to lose his balance, allowing Carmelo to take over. Trick manages for a while to keep up with Oro who, even if with difficulty, manages to cash in on his opponent's offensive quite well until he then decides to respond by scoring a back kick in a somersault and then replacing Wes Lee.

Meanwhile, Trick also manages to take over from Carmelo. The newcomers then begin a quick exchange of blows that sees Wes get the better of forcing Carmelo to the stake where he knocks him down with a kick to the face with which, involuntarily, he also hits Oro Mensah who returns to the ring forcing the referee to distract himself allowing Trick to knock poor Wes off the stake.

Gold tries to make up for it by sending Trick off the ring with a kick to the back of the head. The two then start a fight while Carmelo in the ring scores with a running codebreaker followed by the diving leg drop from the top of the pole followed by the final pin.

RESULT: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams win by pinfall. Post match we see Gold and Wes reacting to the beating perpetrated by Carmelo and Trick managing to send the latter out of the ring with a double outstretched arm. Carmelo decides to reach Oro and Wes by knocking them down with a jump over the third rope.

Meanwhile, Von Wagner arrives who knocks down Carmelo himself with a running big boot only to be shot down by Nathan Frazer with a crossbody from the top of the pole. Cameron Grimes teamed up with The O.C. to take on The Schism this week.

Cameron Grimes teamed up with The O.C.

6 MAN TAG MATCH: Cameron Grimes & The O.C. vs The Schism; We see a Cameron in a state of thanks who manages to keep up with both members of the Dyad before being forced to take over from Anderson who begins a team effort with Luke Gallows.

The members of Schism manage, albeit with difficulty, to counter the attacks perpetrated by The O.C .. The clash soon turns into a brawl in which Grimes and The O.C. prevail. ending up sending the whole Schism out of the ring. The six continue to give them a good reason even at ringside but slowly the situation is reversed and to win this time are those of Schism.

Back in the ring we see poor Grimes forced to suffer the offensive of all the members of the Schism before struggling to break free and take over from Gallows who, as soon as he entered, began to make a clean sweep by knocking down both members of the Dyad.

Those of Schism are sent back out of the ring. Back on the ropes the one from Dyad seems to be able to regain control by even attempting the Ticket to Mayhem which is interrupted by the intervention of Cameron Grimes who scores with the Caveman before going to the apron where with a kick he knocks down Joe Gacy.

Andersone and Gallows have plenty of time to take down poor Reid with the Magic Killer. RESULT: Cameron Grimes and The O.C.