*Spoiler* Ilja Dragunov is ready to explode

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*Spoiler* Ilja Dragunov is ready to explode
*Spoiler* Ilja Dragunov is ready to explode

Now we are told that the HOST of Halloween Havoc will be none other than Shotzi Blackheart who declares herself more than happy to be able to fill this role again. Later, Xyon Quinn also arrives and proclaims herself co-HOST of Halloween Havoc.

Shotzi does not have time to reply that Quincy Elliot joins the two in the ring with the intention of aiming for the same place. Shotzi then decides that whoever wins the match will be the official co-HOST. SINGLES MATCH: Xyon Quinn vs Quincy Elliot; We are offered a nice match with Xyon who literally tries them all to get the better of his opponent.

Quincy, on the other hand, has no intention of holding back and thanks also to his physical arrogance he manages to knock down Xyon several times with a series of shoulders. Xyon finally manages to take Quincy down with a kick in the face before putting him on his shoulders.

Xyon, however, is too tired and his legs give way and he ends up being crushed to the mat under the weight of the opponent. Xyon attempts a brief escape at ringside where he finds Hank Walker, however, and is forced to return to the ropes again where he is knocked down first with a big splash and then with the Banzai Drop.

RESULT: Quincy Elliot's pinfall wins and will then join Shotzi Blackheart during Halloween Havoc. So here we are at the last match of the evening which will see the second match of the Pick your poison series on stage. Ilja Dragunov targeted his opponents and said he knew that Breakker was only human and, therefore, beatable.

KO was ready to host Ilja Dragunov

MAIN EVENT-SINGLES MATCH: Raquel Rodriguez vs Cora Jade; It goes without saying that Raquel's physical power allows her to control the match far and wide enough to force Cora to attack Cora with a kendo stick.

The attack is promptly blocked by Raquel who in response begins to use it against Cora. The referee can only end the match. RESULT: Victory for disqualification of Corda Jade. The evening, however, is not over yet as everything is ready for the KO Show.

Yes, Kevin Owens has decided to bring the show to NXT. The guests are very high caliber in fact it is the NXT Champion Bron Breakker, Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh. The three obviously do not send them to say in view of Halloween Havoc with Dragunov and Breakker who seem to be the most smoky ones enough to trigger a fight.

The staff members try to intervene but the two are irrepressible with Dragunov who even manages to take down Breakker with the Torpedo Moscow. Jd tries to take advantage of the situation but ends up being knocked down by Dragunov too, who is then in the center of the ring lifting the NXT Championship.

Dragunov does not have time to enjoy the moment that Austin Theory music resounds in the arena that comes with the Money in the Bank briefcase, hinting that NXT's top male laurel may be his next target.

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