Shawn Michaels Speaks About NXT’s Identity

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Shawn Michaels Speaks About NXT’s Identity

Shawn Michaels is currently in charge of NXT’s creative decisions and he recently spoke about NXT’s current identity. Shawn Michaels himself is regarded as one of the most important wrestler’s in the history of the WWE.

He was part of the legendary faction called Degeneration X. He was also known as Mr. Wrestlemania and was very good at performing complex moves quite easily.

Shawn Michaels Wishes the Original NXT Identity to Return

Shawn Michaels has fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers and has won numerous titles during his WWE career.

He still works for the WWE, but he no longer wrestles. After his in-ring career ended, he first became a coach at the WWE Performance Center. Since Triple H has taken over the WWE, Shawn was promoted and now runs NXT. Before him, Triple H was mainly known for being in charge of NXT and all of its creative decisions before Vince Mcmahon took it over.

However, Vince McMahon is no longer part of the WWE and people believe that WWE is basically better under Triple H. Shawn believes that NXT should have its original identity back. The identity helped the WWE create some of its best superstars that we see in the main roster today.

"We don't want it to be seen as anyone's anything," Michaels told TV Insider. "It's not black and gold. It's not 2.0. It's 'NXT.' It's the original 'NXT' and what we believe 'NXT' has always been about: providing and securing the future of WWE for years to come.

That is developmental. That is the stars of 'Raw 'and 'SmackDown' early in their career." For a very long time, NXT was considered by many to be WWE’s developmental brand, and it was used as one in reality. It then turned into a full two-hour program in 2019 on the USA Network.

For a while, it competed with AEW Dynamite every Wednesday. NXT went back to being a developmental brand when NXT 2.0 was launched and then moved back to Tuesday Nights.l "I want this 'NXT' to belong to the men and women who come through," Shawn Michaels said.

"I want it to belong to the people who have supported it for so many years. I would prefer the ownership to be that of the people in it and the people viewing it. There is this idea that it has to be classified as something. I think this business continually changes, and 'NXT' has to change with it.

It's about the future and not standing still. We want to continue to grow and expand and get better and learn new things. It sounds cliché, but we want it to be everyone's 'NXT.' "

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