Shawn Michaels announces big news

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Shawn Michaels announces big news

In recent months, WWE has undergone numerous changes and numerous news that have gone around the world, changing what has been a consolidated reality for decades, leaving fans of the WWE Universe amazed. In fact, since Vince McMahon left the scene, the staff and organization chart of the Stamford federation have changed considerably, with NXT and the main roster having received notable changes with the arrival of Triple H at the creative command of the company.

As we have seen in recent days, the brand that has undergone the most radical changes of all was NXT UK, after years in the federation's European oblivion, with the brand never actually taking off as a great WWE brand, with the version of NXT overseas which will in fact be transformed into NXT Europe and will therefore include the whole old continent and not only the part of the United Kingdom of King Charles III.

At Worlds Collide, then, WWE also wanted to do things big, going to formalize several titled unification matches, with Mandy Rose and Bronn Breakker who became undisputed champions of both belts, just like the pair champions.

Shawn Michaels recently provided an update regarding when Ava Raine and Valerie Loureda will debut on WWE NXT. "So look, both are coming along great. I don't want to give out all the trade secrets and stuff, but I think easily in my opinion, 2023 or sure," said Michaels.

"But they are both getting awfully darn close... I would easily say both of them, maybe by the end of the year but absolutely 2023 and certainly in the future. They're very close."

Shawn Michaels announces NXT Mexico

In the press conference that came just after Halloween Havoc, an event that aired last night, Shawn Michaels wanted to talk about what the bright future of NXT will be, with one of the few executives left after the release wave wanted by Vince McMahon while Triple H was heart patient at home, who said: "I know there has been a lot of discussion about NXT Japan and NXT Mexico.

As I understand it, these announcements are expected to arrive by 2023, so this company will continue to grow and expand. I know there is a guy who is very interested in NXT and its expansion, so I'm sure these things are all in the works."

As assured then by Triple H's right-hand man, Shawn Michaels, current top executive of NXT, it seems that the third roster of the McMahon federation will continue to grow and expand, unlike the former Chairman, Vince McMahon, always a step back from the other two rosters and always treated as a series b show.