Ava Raine made her debut

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Ava Raine made her debut

In recent times, Joe Gacy's stable, Schism, has made its way by convincing the public or not. Initially Gacy was accompanied by these hooded figures whose identity was also unknown and when it came time to reveal it, we discovered that they were the Grizzled Young Veteranans, who became the Dyad with the names Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler.

But that's not all, because for a few weeks a female figure followed them almost everywhere, remaining hooded on the sidelines and holding on what has now become their symbolic mask, the yellow one with a smile. Everyone thought it was Isla Dawn, as NXT UK was closed, but instead.

The Rock's daughter Ava Raine became the first fourth-generation female WWE Superstar in the company, thus making history in the process.

Ava Raine officially debuts

Many of you will know her more as Simone Johnson and maybe the surname will tell you something, but it is Ava Raine, daughter of the legendary Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and granddaughter of the equally legendary Rocky Johnson, who last night at NXT raised the mask revealing to be part of the Schism, which he defined his family, also in a tweet: "I found my family." The girl had only done a few promos during live events so far and only recently she had changed her look a bit, but no one expected her to join this stable.

Now of course there is curiosity in seeing her get into the ring to fight and do promos regularly, so we just have to keep following the NXT programming. We know very well that already several times on social media she has suffered the wave of hatred and not only linked to the fact that she is the daughter of The Rock, but we only hope that this will not become a trend like success for Charlotte Flair who is one of the best wrestlers never step into the ring, yet people can't get past his last name, which is rarely the case with male wrestlers.

Welcome Ava, we can't wait to see you at work. WWE Icon The Rock recently shared his thoughts on his daughter Ava Raine (Simone Johnson) as she begins her wrestling journey. "She's fourth, [generation], She's made history. Very very proud of her." Johnson added: "She is fiercely independent, It’s very important for her to make her own way.

Blaze her own trail. Blaze her own path. She doesn't come to me looking for a lot which I respect that. And I'm here watching and supporting."