Mandy Rose reaches a huge milestone

NXT 2.0 continues to evolve in front of our eyes, with several interesting developments this week

by Simone Brugnoli
Mandy Rose reaches a huge milestone

In the last installments of NXT before Halloween Havoc, we saw the absence of the category champion of the third WWE roster and only a few days after the first absence, we learned of what happened. With a heartbroken Instagram story, the NXT champion wanted to break the news of her brother's decidedly untimely death.

In fact, Mandy Rose was unable to reach her colleagues at NXT, because her family tightened in utter pain when Mandy's brother passed away. Although there was an attack on her by Alba Fyre in the penultimate episode of NXT before the ppv, WWE never framed the champion, because Mandy was not present at NXT.

At NXT, a Six Woman tag team match was also scheduled for one of the episodes, which, however, was not sent on stage thanks to the attack in the Alba Fyre parking lot. Also in another episode, we saw the arrival of Sonya Deville at NXT, to cover the prolonged absence of the champion, who soon returned to the scene.

Mandy Rose reaches a year as a champion

Despite the huge loss that Mandy Rose had to endure in her private life, with no in-ring victory that can ever fill the void of a lack as serious as that of the loss of a brother, the girl can still only partially console herself with the very great victories he is having in WWE.

After also beating Alba Fyre at NXT Halloween Havoc, the champion has reached her year of reign, entering NXT history as one of the greatest champions on the entire roster. During her reign, Rose managed to have 9 defenses against her opponents, including winning the unification match between her title and that of the NXT UK Women's Championship of Worlds Collide.

Furthermore, during the next episode of NXT, the WWE has already foreseen the celebrations of the year of reign of the champion, which will take place in the ring at NXT. Mandy Rose recently praised former WWE Superstar Paige for helping her during the early stages of her career.

Speaking recently on Out of Character, Rose stated that the former WWE Divas Champion helped her and Deville not just in terms of wrestling but in other aspects as well. "Yeah, for sure. It's kind of full circle and I always kind of talk about that because I think it's kind of cool because Paige helped Sonya and I so much in the beginning and not just in when it came to wrestling but just so many things," said Rose.

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