*Spoiler* Katana Chance and Kayden Carter survived

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*Spoiler* Katana Chance and Kayden Carter survived

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT appointment. The evening starts in fourth with a titled match valid for the NXT Women’s Titles. TAG MATCH: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (c) vs Lyons & Stark; The champions really try them all to counter their opponents without however obtaining the desired result, so much so that we see them try their hand at a flight from the apron ring where I am literally caught on the fly and then crashed to the mat.

Back between the ropes we see something very special. Stark manages to perform a roll-up on Chance which gives her the count of 3. The problem is that the referee has not detected the change taken by Carter, thus becoming the legal woman in all respects and thus making the pinfall useless of Stark.

What then also refuted by the WWE itself which formalizes the resumption of the clash. Stark and Lyons are in a rage like never before and are one step away from victory after Lyons' rondhouse kick followed by her canonical split.

The champions manage to resume the fight and after getting rid of the Stark, they focus on Lyons who is knocked down by kicks in the face followed by the combined maneuver that sees Chance perform a 450th splash while Carte performs a neckbreaker.

The referee can only count to 3. Result: victory by pinfall of Cards and Chance which are therefore confirmed as NXT Women’s Champions.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance shone

Kayden Carter broke out and hit a few good moves before Katana Chance tagged in to hit a senton.

We are now witnessing a promo starring the new North American Champion, Wes Lee who is keen to thank the public for supporting him during the Halloween Havoc Ladder Match allowing him to win his first solo title. The new champion is joined first by Grayson Waller and then by none other than R-Truth.

The two put on a nice curtain with R-Truth who is convinced that he is at Halloween Havoc and does not understand why Waller is not happy with this event. Grayson for his part tries in every way to make him understand that Halloween Havoc was held 3 days ago and that therefore he must stop saying nonsense.

Wes Lee also tries to convince R-Truth by showing him the title he won during the event. R-Truth seems to have realized that he made an error of assessment. Waller, however, when he sees Lee bragging about the title he won, tries to attack both the champion and R-Truth, ending up being knocked out and thrown out of the ring.

R-Truth concludes the segment by challenging Waller in a match that will take place next week and then wishing everyone a happy Halloween.