*Spoiler* Pretty Deadly retained their NXT Tag Team Championship


*Spoiler* Pretty Deadly retained their NXT Tag Team Championship

So let's move on to the next match that sees a very familiar face engaged in the NXT landscape. SINGLES MATCH: Shotzy vs Lash Legend; Lash immediately starts to the great exploiting the physical superiority also trying to send Shotzi out of the ring but without succeeding.

The green-haired athlete finally manages to return a few shots before being thrown over the third rope. Quincy Elliot tries to help his co-host in Halloween Havoc but is interrupted by Lash Legend. Shotzi tries to use her opponent's distraction to hit her but Lash seems to be very careful.

Back between the ropes, the two continue to battle with Lash who takes advantage of his physicality several times, coming to place his opponent on the top of the stake. Shotzi repels the attack by hitting Lash with a slap and then knocking her down with a variant of DDT.

Result: Shotzi's pinfall victory. Pretty Deadly defended their WWE NXT Tag Team Championship against Edris Enofe and Malik Blade.

Pretty Deadly defended their WWE NXT Tag Team Championship

TAG MATCH: Pretty Deadly (c) vs Malik Blade & Edris Enofe; we witness a good match with the challengers who prove to be loaded with buckshot enough to drive the champions out of the ring.

Back on the ropes we see the Pretty Deadly regain control of the match even if with difficulty. Prince manages to take the gear while saving his partner from a pinch attempt. Meanwhile, Blade also gets the change and as soon as he enters he easily gets rid of his opponents to the ovation of the audience.

Blade then positions himself on the top of the stake but Prince decides to run away by taking refuge outside the ring where he joins Wilson. Blade is not there and then takes a run up and then leaps over the stake landing on the champions.

Back in the ring we see Blade and Enofé manage to go one step away from the final pin. The Pretty Deadly, however, have no intention of losing and think one more of the devil so that Wilson manages to trip Enofé positioned on the apron so as to prevent him from getting the change.

Prince then takes the opportunity to hit Blade from behind and then switch to Wilson with whom he scores the Split Milk. Result: win by pinfall of the Pretty Deadly who are therefore confirmed as NXT Tag Team Champions. The challengers did very well to portray themselves as a threat in the match.

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