*Spoiler* JD McDonagh was unstoppable


*Spoiler* JD McDonagh was unstoppable

So let's move on to the next all-female match. SINGLES MATCH: Indi Hartwell vs Sol Ruca; Then he starts in the fourth with a double body slam but Sol does not let himself be intimidated and thanks to her agility she is able to reply by answering herself with 2 body slams.

Then, playing with cunning, he manages to cling to her ropes forcing Sol to perform a dropkick without a target to hit, thus ending with her violently slamming his back into the ring. Then he scores with 3 short clotheslines and then concludes the match with an elbow smash to the nape of the neck.

Result: Indi Hartwell pinned victory. Post match Indi and Sol are attacked by the returning Elektra Lopez. We have therefore reached the last match of the evening which sees 2 athletes engaged who already battled during Halloween Havoc together with NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh failed to win the NXT Championship from Bron Breakker at Halloween Havoc despite valiant efforts.

Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh failed

MAIN EVENT-SINGLES MATCH: Ilja Dragunov vs JD McDonagh; Ilja does not even wait for the sound of the bell dragging JD off the stake and then scoring 3 german suplex but only getting a count of 2.

Ilja does not give up but his injury, suffered during Halloween Havoc, makes life very difficult with JD who can only take advantage of the situation to unbalance the match to his advantage. Dragunov, however, does not intend to give up and manages to hit the mark with a knee smash from the top of the pole and then attempt a second flight but ending up crashing back on JD's knees.

The clash continues with Ilja who manages, albeit with difficulty, to keep her concentration high, even managing to score the Torpedo Moscow which is however dodged by JD who in response blocks his opponent in a devastating sleeper hold.

Ilja literally loses consciousness forcing the referee to put an end to the dispute. Result: victory by submission of JD McDonagh. Post match we see Ilja not being able to stand up enough to force the medical staff to take him away on a stretcher under the satisfied gaze of a JD proud of his work and of what he caused to his opponent.

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