Bron Breakker on Drill That Left Him Bruised

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Bron Breakker on Drill That Left Him Bruised

Bron Breakker is currently the NXT Champion and many people believe he is the next Bill Goldberg. However, Bron recently spoke about training, and how he got bruised during one drill. He had to prove that he is durable during the first day of training.

He spoke about that day on The Black Announce Table. "My first practice at the PC was at eight o'clock in the morning with coach Robbie Brookside here at the Performance Center, and I wanna say there's probably six or seven of us in the class," Breakker said.

"We probably gave and received over 200 shoulder tackles a piece, maybe more. I just remember leaving and my entire left side, my chest and my shoulder, was just swollen, bruised, tore up."

Bron Breakker Speaks About The Training Sessions That Hurt Him

However, Bron stated that the talent around him was extremely competitive and stated that his classmates were from all walks of life.

It is a well-known fact that the WWE demands only the best from its wrestlers. Bron himself is known for using extremely difficult moves and is a powerful wrestler that many people enjoy watching. "That group of guys that I came in with, our class was just a bunch of freak athletes," Breakker said.

"We were all kind of like on that same level, just hungry and really wanting to get after it. So, you know, those were the days." Bron Breakker went on to say that he learned from sharing the ring with his fellow Performance Center colleagues.

He also stated that he used what he learned to help him in his WWE career. It is probably this mindset that has helped him capture the NXT title two times. However, Bron is still not a part of the main roster, and will probably not be until his NXT reign ends.

NXT is no longer considered a developmental brand by many, although the WWE still refers to it as a developmental brand when required. For example, when NXT lost to AEW Dynamite, Triple H stated that AEW beat their “developmental brand” which was to undermine AEW Dynamite’s victory.

NXT is where many WWE stars that we see today actually trained and honed their craft. Even some main roster wrestlers were sent to NXT, during the time NXT was competing with Aew Dynamite.

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