Ava Raine debuts! Jimmy Uso earmarks her for success!

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Ava Raine debuts! Jimmy Uso earmarks her for success!

The latest episode of WWE NXT saw the long-awaited debut of a wrestler who came in as a female member of Schism. Prior to this entry, we'd seen this person in some promos of live events. We're, of course, talking about Ava Raine, who's better known as Simone Johnson, daughter of The Rock.

The girl, who just turned 21 last summer, obviously already has a lot of weight on her shoulders, but not by choice of her own, simply because when you are part of such an influential family in this business, people make demands and often, unfortunately, they also treat you badly.

Luckily for her though, there are those who are willing to support her Obviously, she is under even more pressure not only because she is the first fourth-generation wrestler to fight in WWE, counting that before her, her great-grandfather Peter Maivia, her grandfather Rocky Johnson and of course her father The Rock, but also because at this moment on the main roster there is The Bloodline, made up of its various cousins, which has been dominating the scene for two years.

Jimmy Uso's words of support for Ava Raine

While speaking with TMZ, Jimmy Uso commented on Ava Raine's debut at NXT, praising her and saying that as far as he is concerned, their whole family supports her and hopes she has a successful career in representing the Bloodline as well.

“Congratulations to her ... in any case the family understands it, I agree. I'm ready to see what she does. I'm ready to see her explode and represent the Bloodline. So, in any case, whether she's down there [at NXT], on the main roster, I'm in, I'm in, I'm in.

We are all siblings in the family. We take care of her. I'm sure she has her whole family on her side, her family, her father, us, and the cousins. I'm sure if you should contact us, we'll be there for you." Then Jimmy Uso talked about the possibility of actually seeing her in the Bloodline: “We'll see man.

It is always an open door. We stay that way for now, but the sky is the limit. He has to work hard here and I'm sure she's as talented as all of us. It runs in the blood, and I am elated for her future. I can't wait to see where it takes us."

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