Rhea Ripley’s Leg Injury

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Rhea Ripley’s Leg Injury

Most professional wrestlers get injured during a match, and that can put them out of action for week, months or even years. The most famous ones try to wrestle and fight the pain, even though they know that they may end up aggravating their injury.

The WWE itself doesn’t allow most of its wrestlers to recover. The famous wrestlers need to wrestle almost every week, and that can be bad for them overtime. Their various body parts do not recover in time for the next match.

Besides TV shows, wrestlers also need to do live shows, and train for their matches. Rhea Ripley is a famous wrestler and she was out with a leg injury. The Leg injury was not severe at all and she should have been 100% according to her expectations.

Ripley was seen wearing a boot during recovery and it was believed that she will return to the ring very soon. After he match at WrestleMania Axxess, in which she fought Kacy Catanzaro, she wore a boot right after her match, according to a report by the Squared Circle Sirens.

She had to get some test done, but the tests revealed that she didn’t break anything. The test did tell her that she tore some ligaments and that can put her on the shelf for eight weeks. Ripley is a former NXT UK Champion. She dropped the title to Toni Storm in January.