Shawn Michaels Speaks About Being a WWE Executive

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Shawn Michaels Speaks About Being a WWE Executive
Shawn Michaels Speaks About Being a WWE Executive (Provided by Wrestling World)

Shawn Michaels is regarded as one of the best WWE performers of all time and he recently spoke about being a WWE Executive. Shawn used to be a full-time WWE wrestler and was one of Degeneration X’s founding members. According to many critics, journalists and wrestlers, he has been part of some of the best WWE matches of all time.

Shawn Michaels States That He Wishes to Keep Things Fun at The WWE Performance Center

Unlike other legendary wrestlers, Shawn actually retired quite early and stayed retired. The only time he did return was for one match at a WWE Crown Jewel event.

After noting that his performance wasn’t good during that match, he retired for good and hasn’t shown any interest in making a comeback. That being said, just like some WWE legends, he still works for the WWE and is currently working at WWE NXT.

He actually has been involved with WWE NXT for a very long time. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative. He spoke about his new role on Impaulsive which is hosted by Logan Paul. "Yeah, and I still don't know how I'm doing yet," Michaels said.

"Look, I think—I hope, and I really do. Hunter's been built, and trained, and all of that for it. I haven't, but at the same time, I'm developing too down here. And it is, it's something new. Again, I enjoy it. I'm clearly different, and I don't know, I'm a bit less sharp, less distinguished as I mentioned to you." He stated that his role is like having the best trailer in the park and also one with a really nice fence around it.

He also keeps a check on his maturity levels and makes sure that working at the Performance Center is fun for everyone. "Being here, and I think my attitude here at the training center and at NXT, it's about youth, and it's about fun," Michaels added.

"I do know that I bring that. I'm obviously older, but I am still a kid inside. I don't have a mature bone in my body. I've literally tried." Shawn Michaels was actually very energetic even during his WWE career. He was one of the best during his time at cutting promos and using high-risk moves at the right time to get an awesome response from the crowd.

His last high-profile match before his first retirement was actually the match after which he retired and it was against The Undertaker.

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