NXT Start Deletes Twitter Account

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NXT Start Deletes Twitter Account

Professional wrestlers need to be very careful about what they do or write on their social media accounts. What they do can actually effect their promotion. A professional wrestling might not want to be associated with a wrestler that says something too controversial or something that can have a negative impact on the promotion’s brand.

Dominik Dijakovic is a NXT Superstar that recently deleted his Twitter account after he posted something seriously controversial while being in-character. Dominik this week at NXT spoke about how his family was not from the US and how he want to capture the NXT North American Title from The Velveteen Dream.

He cut the promo after he defeated an enhancement talent his week during the NXT TV taping at Full Sail University. Dream came out after another match that Dijakovic was a part of and accepted Dijakovic’s challenge. Dijakovic then wrote something about “purifying” America on his Twitter account.

"This continent has everything backwards," he wrote. "This is a diseased environment that breeds impurity. The streets are almost as filthy as the inhabitants. I would know, I've lived the majority of my life here.

I owe it to myself and my family to Purify this wasteland." In his tweet he tagged Donald Trump, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He deleted his tweet a mere 30 minutes later and followed it up by deleting his entire account.