*Spoiler* Bron Breakker retained his title


*Spoiler* Bron Breakker retained his title

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT appointment. The evening starts in fourth with the match that sees the highest male laurel from NXT at stake. NXT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Bron Breakker (C) vs Von Wagner; We see a Wagner who really tries them all to bring the contest home, so much so that she gets to use the steel steps on which she crashes the champion.

Back on the ropes the situation is not much different with the challenger continuing to do what he wants by scoring a series of butterfly suplex and then performing a back suplex. With difficulty Bron manages to take the reins of the match back in hand, scoring with the flyng buldog.

Now the champion prepares for the spear which is however blocked by Wagner who manages to execute the death valley drop which, however, is only followed by a count of 2. Wagner wastes time complaining to the referee and allowing Breakker to catch his breath.

After taking down Robert Stone, the champion throws himself at Wagner by shooting him down with the spear. The referee then begins the count which inexorably reaches 3. Result: Bron Breakke's victory for pinfall which is confirmed as NXT Champion.

We are offered a promo of Zoey Stark intent on explaining the reasons for her actions last week. After having listed all of her failures in recent months, including the non-victory of the NXT Women 's Champion, she dwells on the events of the last period.

She specifically turns to Nikita Lyons accusing her of being responsible for all the latest defeats and failure to obtain the NXT Women 's Tag Team Titles. She is not happy and she also decides to accuse the fans of being part of the problem, definitively sanctioning the break with the WWE Universe and carrying out the long-awaited turn heel.

Let's now go back to the action with the couple category.

Bron Breakker came out to defend his title

The WWE NXT Championship match kicked off this week’s show as Bron Breakker came out to defend his title against Von Wagner.

TAG TEAM MATCH: Indus Share vs local athletes; It goes without saying that we literally witness a squash match that sees the Indus take home victory in a matter of minutes of pure agony for their opponents. Result: Indus Shar win by pinfall.

Post match Indus Shares send a clear and precise message to the Creed Brothers, first of all asserting to respect them and then saying that they will have to "eliminate" them. Let's now see the Creed Brothers inside the Diamond Mine gymnasium intent on discussing what has just happened and what the Indus Share claims.

They are also joined by Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile with the latter trying to remind them that they need to focus on the couple's titles and not prove to anyone that they are someone, much less Indus Share. Julius, however, is not of the same opinion so much that he asserts that they will respond in kind to the Indus Share.

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