*Spoiler* Apollo Crews shone

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*Spoiler* Apollo Crews shone

Let's go back to the ring now with the next match. SINGLES MATCH: Jd Mcdonagh vs Apollo Crews;
We are offered an excellent match between two athletes with the highest technical qualities. We see Apollo engage in a moonsault from the apron by landing right on his opponent.

Back on the ropes Apollo insists on his offensive by knocking down JD with a clothesline and then hitting the mark with a splash followed by an attempt at a blockbuster that is quickly dodged by JD. Apollo does not give up and immediately responds with a running bigboot followed by a butterfly powerbomb followed immediately by another powerbomb with which, however, he only gets a 2 count.

The two are exhausted and we see them start an exchange of shots in the center of the ring followed by a roll-up exchange after which JD scores a standing spanish fly and then tries the Devlin-side which is promptly rejected by Apollo.

JD, however, does not give up and after a headbutt he tries again but Apollo rejects the offensive again, scoring with a powerbomb. When Apollo attempts to execute another powerbomb, JD manages to overturn the attack by hitting a roll-up with which, however, he only gets the 2 count.

Apollo attempts an avalanche attack but JD dodges the blow by exploiting the stake against which he ends his opponent and then tries his hand in an aerial maneuver avoided by Apollo which then hits the mark with his devastating single arm spinebuster.

Result: Apollo Crews win by squirting.

Apollo Crews and JD McDonagh competed

Apollo Crews and JD McDonagh competed in one of the most high-profile matches on WWE NXT. We are now witnessing the signing of the contract between NXT North American Champion Wes Lee and Carmelo Hayes.

Everything is masterfully directed by none other than Booker T. Carmelo does not send them to say and asserts that what Wes has become is nothing less than what he started from and that next week he will put an end to this curtain and this meaningless reign.

Lee in response tells him that he did everything to get the title and that he deserved to have what he has. The two then sign the contract that will see them face off next week in a match valid for the NXT North American Championship.

Tempers overheat and both athletes seem to be ready to stage the contest already tonight but fortunately Booker T manages to keep the two athletes at bay, preventing the situation from escalating. Let's continue now with another couple match.

TAG MATCH: Briggs & Jensen vs The Dyad; We are offered a pleasant match with the two teams who showcase a large part of their repertoire. Briggs and Jensen manage to respond in kind to the Dyad working well as a couple, coming to knock down Reid with a double blow to the face.

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