*Spoiler* Mandy Rose defended her Championship

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*Spoiler* Mandy Rose defended her Championship

We are offered a promo starring Shawn Michaels intent on communicating that NXT Deadline will be offered a match never played before in WWE and which takes the name of Iron Survivor Challenge. Basically it is a match lasting 25 minutes.

Two athletes start the contest and every 5 minutes a new athlete joins the fight. To get points, the athlete will have to pin or subdue his opponent. Any disqualification also confers points on the athlete who suffers the illegal act.

Being pinned, subdued or disqualified involves a penalty which consists in being banned from the ring for 90 seconds. The athlete who at the end of the contest obtains the highest score will obviously be declared the winner.

Now it's the turn of an all-female match. SINGLES MATCH: Indi Hartwell vs Tatum Paxley; We see an Indi dominating far and wide, rejecting any attempt at an offensive by Tatum. Apparently Ivy's teachings are not enough for Tatum to continue to take blow for blow.

Then continues to attack forcing the opponent to work dirty using her ropes thus gaining control of the match. Tatum then hits the mark with a series of clotheslines followed by a neckbreaker. Tatum then tries to lift Indi onto her shoulders but Indi struggles by removing the protective mask from her opponent and then hitting her violently with a running elbow smash in the nape of the neck.

Result: Indi Hartwell's victory by pinfall. Mandy Rose defended her NXT Women’s Championship against Alba Fyre in a Last Woman Standing match.

Alba Fyre challenged Mandy Rose

MAIN EVENT-LAST WOMAN STANDING MATCH: Mandy Rose (c) vs Alba Fyre; Recall that this is a worth everything match in fact we see Alba even use a ladder to inflict penalty on the champion.

Action, however, that she turns against her when she ends up against the ladder. Back between the ropes, the two continue to battle with Alba who manages to throw Mandy against an aluminum can, causing the referee to contract up to 9 before getting up.

The two continue to battle and it is not possible to report the intensity of the dispute in a few lines. We see Alba hit the apron ring with a Fyre bomb and then hit poor Mandy with the baseball bat. Alba then places Mandy on the comment table and then climbs to the top of the ladder.

Everything seems ready for a flight of Alba when she is reached by Isla Dawn who blinds her with the green mist and then pushes her down the ladder making her land on the comment table. The referee then begins to count, relentlessly reaching 10 while Mandy manages to get up at the last second. Result: victory for Mandy Rose who once again confirms herself as NXT Women’s Champion.

Mandy Rose