*Spoiler* Huge return during NXT

NXT 2.0 continues to evolve in front of our eyes, with several interesting developments this week

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Huge return during NXT

During the last ppv presented by NXT, Halloween Havoc, the third brand of the McMahon federation wanted to suggest how a well-known character on the main roster, soon he could instead join forces on the NXT roster. During a video broadcast during the live broadcast of the PPV, a person was framed throwing what appeared to be the T-Bar mask into a lit fire.

Without leaving any further clues, Shawn Michaels had also thought of it during the usual post-event press conference, to add further fuel to the fire, with HBK referring to the possible passage of T-Bar back to NXT with the phrase: "Funny , a new toy." We recall how T-Bar has already been at NXT for some time under the name of Dominik Dijakovic, with the athlete who had also fought for the NXT Championship, when the champion was Keith Lee, an athlete currently in AEW.

For weeks we have been waiting for some other clue, which had only come via pre-recorded clips and segments from WWE, of this individual talking as his mask burned and finally tonight, in the latest weekly installment of NXT, he finally went in scene the return of the athlete.

Dijak arrives at NXT

During tonight's episode of NXT, the main event featured a match valid for the North American title, currently alongside Wes Lee. In the final match of the evening, Wes Lee successfully defended his title from Carmelo Hayes' attack, with the champion having a bad adventure behind him while still celebrating his victory.

With a new theme song, in fact, Dijak (this is the new name with which the reporters called the athlete), appeared behind the champion and in a few seconds attacked him, showing a new finisher, which left the champion ashore, probably starting his first feud after months of hiatus.

Sami Zayn took to social media this evening ahead of WWE NXT 2.0 asking why no one has thanked him for revolutionizing the business with his run on the black and gold brand. "As this new era of @WWENXT begins, think of all the greats that passed through NXT to this point & how virtually none of them would have ever been there if not for me making NXT a thing.

But does anyone say thank you Sami for revolutionizing the business? Of course not. Poor me," Sami Zayn tweeted. Many appreciated Triple H and his team for giving them something different than what you had been used to seeing on RAW and SmackDown on a weekly basis.

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