*Spoiler* SCRYPTS shocked everyone

NXT 2.0 continues to evolve in front of our eyes, with several interesting developments this week

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* SCRYPTS shocked everyone

After seeing the "trashing" of the 24/7 title live on Monday Night Raw last Monday night, the well-known site Wrestling Observer, through the words of the ever present Dave Meltzer, wanted to affirm how WWE had wanted to withdraw with this angle officially and definitively the green and gold title of the company.

If initially the retirement of the title was only a supposition of Dave Meltzer, although supported by several sources inside the WWE, which confirmed this trend of the title, in recent days the WWE has wanted to refute any doubts.

If we enter the official website of the Stamord federation, in fact, we find the list of titles currently in use by the WWE and obviously also the 24/7 title. Unlike the other titles still used, next to the green and gold title of the McMahon federation, there is the writing "2019-2022", a sign that the title was in business in those years and then withdrawn, like all the other old ones company history titles.

One of the protagonists of the titled round of the 24/7 Championship, who for weeks was chased by half the WWE crew who wanted to snatch the title, was Reggie, former bodyguard of Carmella and then on-screen boyfriend of Dana Brooke.

Apparently, the main roster athlete would make his on-screen debut at NXT tonight, with a new character, a new gimmick and even a new name. The latest promo showed a hooded figure defacing what appeared to be the walls of the WWE Performance Center with the word “SCRYPTS”.

SCRYPTS debuts on NXT

After weeks of watching cryptic videos of this Scrypts, who spoke with a fake voice and promised big news to NXT, tonight, in the last weekly episode of the show strongly desired by Triple H, he made his official debut in the third rings.

WWE roster. Despite this SCRYPTS wearing a mask, for the movements, the color of the skin and the hair that peeked out from behind the headgear, it was not difficult for fans to see Reggie behind the athlete's mask, with his match showing athletic skills not indifferent.

We remember how Reggie worked for years with Cirque Du Soleil as an acrobat and the boy learned these movements right there. We leave you some photos and videos to dispel any doubts you too, after his debut at NXT. WWE is known to incorporate a character’s past into their storylines.

Bray Wyatt’s current gimmick is a prime example of that. The mysterious gimmick also appears similar to Retribution.

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