Toni Storm Speaks About Her Time at NXT UK

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Toni Storm Speaks About Her Time at NXT UK
Toni Storm Speaks About Her Time at NXT UK

Toni Storm is currently one of the most popular female wrestlers in the world, and she recently spoke about her time at NXT UK. Actually at NXT UK, Toni Storm made a name for herself and eventually won the NXT UK title. She garnered a large number of fans, even though she was not a part of the main roster at that time.

Storm was known for her promo skills and her extremely good technical prowess in the ring.

Toni Storm Talks About Becoming NXT UK Champion and Her Time at NXT UK

After becoming a free agent, Toni made her way to AEW, where she is currently the AEW Interim Women’s World Champion.

Toni Storm is, however, no stranger to being a champion. She has wrestled all over the globe and has won numerous titles. Toni stated that she actually looks back at her NXT UK days fondly. According to her, her time at NXT UK was important for her.

"NXT UK was honestly something so special," Storm said." The experience I gained from that was unbelievable. The coaches that I got to work within the [NXT UK Performance Center were] amazing and it was a really good and unique introduction to WWE for me ...

I got to train with Johnny Saint, I got to train with Robbie Brookside, and Johnny Moss, and James Mason, and it was really wonderful." Storm also had special praise for William Regal, who is known for being an extremely good mentor, and is the reason why so many wrestlers are doing well in AEW and in WWE.

Toni won the NXT UK title within 1 year of joining the promotion, which quickly made her extremely famous. Toni mentioned that she felt a lot of pressure after she won the NXT UK title for the first time. She stated that she felt that she felt that there was a target on her back all the time.

"It's a lot of pressure, and that comes with being champion anywhere," Storm stated. "It doesn't matter what company you're with. When you're a champion, you're the leader of the division, the company, and a lot is expected of you.

A lot is asked of you. You're the guy that everyone's going to turn to, and you have to lead by example." According to Toni Storm, her experience of being a champion in a big promotion such as WWE helped her become a good champion in AEW.

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