Mandy Rose: I didn’t change that much

"I think it’s more about, yea, I can still look good, beat b*tches up, but also, I have this edge to me"

by Sead Dedovic
Mandy Rose: I didn’t change that much

In an interview with INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, Mandy Rose talked about her plans for the future. Winning the NXT Women's Championship is definitely a big thing for her. “I didn’t know exactly when I first won, but when I started getting in the groove with this whole character change and stuff, I felt like this is going to be a good run and a long run because I think we’re going to really make it mean something.

I think it’s a good story, me coming back here and helping some of the younger girls, even the whole transition of NXT to NXT 2.0. There’s so many young people and young, great talent that is up and coming. I feel like it just made the most sense, and now, I mean, over a year now.

I didn’t know it would be this long, but hey, I ain’t complaining”. - Rose said, as quoted by

Mandy Rose and NXT

Many commented on her departure to NXT and believe that she has changed a lot.

However, Rose denies it. “I would just say it’s still me. I didn’t change that much. It’s still me. I think it’s more just like adding a little edge to Mandy Rose. I think it’s more about, yea, I can still look good, beat b*tches up, but also, I have this edge to me.

I think the whole idea was, as well as with Gigi and Jacy when he all teamed up, like, I think everyone kind of thought I was going to make them be more like Mandy, but instead, we’ve all taken a little bit from each other.

So I feel like I have learned from them a lot”. Nikki Bella is a potential opponent for Mandy Rose. Fans would love a fight like that. “We have a little bit of similar backgrounds in the sense because she obviously had paved the way for us, definitely during the Divas time, the Women’s Revolution, and all that.

So, I feel like there’s some kind of similarity with the both of us because she wants to have people respect her more and she did gain that respect over the years, but in the beginning, it wasn’t maybe so much like that. So, there is a little story there”.

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