Big surprises announced for NXT

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Big surprises announced for NXT
Big surprises announced for NXT

WWE has announced that Molly Holly and Road Dogg will be featured in the next installment of NXT to help Shawn Michaels choose the athletes who will compete in the two Iron Survivor Challenge Matches at NXT Deadline. But the two will not be alone, because with them there will also be other Hall Of Famers that the WWE will announce soon and of course we will keep you updated, so continue to follow us on our site and also on Facebook and Instagram to have the news at your fingertips.

of clicks. The company has thus announced on social networks the presence of the two Hall Of Famers: "BREAKING: #RoadDogg @BrianRDJames will be one of the four WWE Hall Of Famers present at #WWENXT this Tuesday to help @ShawnMichaels to announce the participants in the Iron Survivor Challenge of #NXTDeadline." As for Molly Holly instead: "BREAKING: #MollyHolly will also join [the episode] of NXT to help @ShawnMichaels in her selection of participants for the Iron Survivor Challenge at #NXTDeadline."

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Recently Shawn Michaels had announced that there will be a completely new match for the black and gold brand, in fact at NXT Deadline we would have two Iron Survivor Challenge Matches.

As per description, this match will include elements of the championship scramble, the King of the Mountain and an Iron Man Match. The Iron Survivor Challenges include five participants and a time limit of 25 minutes. Two participants will start the match and a new participant will enter every 5 minutes.

The goal of the match is to accumulate more points than the other participants before the end of the time limit. Points can be earned by pinfall, submission or disqualification. Anyone who in any way suffers one of these three elements will be locked in a cell for 90 seconds as a punishment for the penalty, before being able to rejoin the race.

There will be two matches, one male and one female, and the winners of their respective matches will have the opportunity to challenge the champions for the title. "Road Dogg" Brian James revealed on the latest episode of his podcast that he is in talks about working with a wrestling company.

"I feel like I'm everywhere. But look, I do feel like it's time, you know what I mean? It's that time where I don't normally like saying this normally, but it's where we're going to get into making BG Games, Road Dogg, Brian James, whatever, a brand," stated Road Dogg.

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