Joe Gacy responds to allegations

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Joe Gacy responds to allegations

The world of web wrestling, just like that of the internet in general, is full of the so-called "keyboard lions", i.e. all those characters who, hiding behind a PC, tablet or smartphone monitor, go to swashbucklers, know-it-alls and smartass with anyone who comes within their reach, just because they feel like doing it and feel authorized.

Many times, especially in recent years, even the WWE Superstars have had to defend themselves from some attack, more or less aggressive, with various athletes who have also received the help of some colleagues, to "blast" the moron on duty.

We recall that similar behaviors also led to the tragedy of Hana Kimura, a 22-year-old Japanese athlete who, after months of online insults and teasing, couldn't take it anymore and decided to take her own life by committing suicide.

These behaviors are in fact always to be condemned, whether the target is a person unknown to most, or whether the target is a famous person, such as a WWE Superstar, with the athletes of the McMahon family who are unfortunately a very easy target, having a worldwide reputation and entering the homes of millions of fans every week.

NXT Superstar Joe Gacy recently opened up on the ideation behind his dark character on the developmental brand.

Backstage news on Joe Gacy

In addition to the personal side, on which many fans of the WWE Universe focus, many also attack the athletes for their in-ring performances or for their character, despite the fact that these details are very often conditioned a lot by the management of the Stamford company.

The latest to be targeted by fans of the federation is the NXT athlete Joe Gacy, considered by many to be the bad copy of Bray Wyatt on the main roster. After reading dozens and dozens of insults, teases and pedantic comments from the NXT audience, Joe began to respond to some of them, starting a real back and forth with some fans, in which some of them defined as a bad, second-hand Bray Wyatt.

There seems to be no peace even for the young athletes of NXT, with the mysterious namesake of the most famous American serial killer in history who does not seem to find favor with a large part of the public, despite the fact that the wrestler has been working very well for months in the NXT rings.

“When I first came to NXT, or when I first was signed with WWE, I had a very different look. I had longer hair, longer beard, I wore trunks, boots, and had a vest. But I guess when it came down to it, it was very similar to everyone else."