*Spoiler* Tony D'Angelo is finally back

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*Spoiler* Tony D'Angelo is finally back

As we reported back in June, prominent NXT Superstar Tony D'Angelo, who had also been involved in several major storylines in the NXT main event or North American title, had injured his leg in a of the last episodes in which he had taken part.

After some time NXT had returned to tour, at that time only in the state of Florida, allowing more fans to enjoy all the young Superstars who have joined the roster in the last period. Unfortunately, however, it seems that during the last stage of June 11, Tony D'Angelo, the Italian Don, was injured at the event held in Largo.

D'Angelo wrestled Cameron Grimes on the show, but it appeared that according to fans in attendance, the match ended abruptly due to an arm or shoulder injury sustained by D'Angelo. After a few weeks, however, D'Angelo was back on the scene, recovering completely from the shoulder injury, only to be absent again only a few weeks later, when in a match against Wes Lee, the Italian Don had instead injured his leg, not even being able to stand up in the ring on his own legs anymore.

Tony D'Angelo returns to NXT

During the night, the last episode of NXT aired, where Tony D'Angelo made his surprising return, in a match against Xyon Quinn. The match was obviously won by the returning Tony D'Angelo, who closed practice in a few minutes and then decided to take the microphone, to call Wes Lee to report, accusing him of intentionally injuring him, just a few weeks ago and of thus forcing him to stay a full 10 weeks out of in-ring action.

After only a few minutes, the NXT North American Champion himself also intervened in the discussion, telling D'Angelo that he had not intentionally injured him, until Dijak also intervened in the discussion, interrupting their promos.

It eventually escalated into a brawl, with Lee knocking out Channing "Stucks" Lorenzo, before having D'Angelo come upon him, but managing to escape the ring first, avoiding being beaten. Last week on NXT 2.0, a couple of unknown assailants attacked Santos Escobar during his match against Carmelo Hayes.

Tony D'Angelo revealed the identity of his new associates this week - Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo. "Very unfortunate thing that happened to Santos. He’s a stand up guy. Maybe he made enemies with the wrong person. But that’s only speculation, what do I know? #TheDon."