Tommaso Ciampa comments on his recent neck injury

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Tommaso Ciampa comments on his recent neck injury

Tommaso Ciampa will enter the WWE main roster in the coming years, but meanwhile he is showing all his talent to NXT. His wrestling career started late, but looks set to explode in the near future. He is a former NXT Champion and NXT Tag Team Champion (with Johnny Gargano), making him one of only three wrestlers (along with Neville and Gargano) to have won both titles.

He is best known for his work in Ring of Honor (ROH), where he is a former World Television Champion. During the last edition of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, Ciampa commented on his recent neck injury: "I’d started getting — so I came back last ‘Mania.

And somewhere a couple months into that, I started getting stingers constantly. I always got them down my left arm. And in December at a live event, I got one down my right arm, and from that point on, something happened clearly, because it was just like every match”.

He also added: "There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll live a happy life with my daughter and my wife and all that. It’s just, can I do that and take on the road schedule and the physicality of wrestling? So that’s been a really hard part for me to wrap my mind around. I guess we’ll just see”.