*Spoiler* Huge surprise during NXT

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*Spoiler* Huge surprise during NXT

During the night, WWE staged its latest ppv dedicated entirely to the NXT roster, with the young people of the company's third brand who put on some great matches, to entertain the WWE Universe who flocked to the event. In addition to the young talents of NXT, two veterans of the main roster were also involved in a card match, we are talking about Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, already multiple champions of the main roster, together with the third member of the New Day, Big E, the which went on to challenge the current NXT champions, the Pretty Deadly, in a match for the NXT category titles.

During the last episode of NXT aired Tuesday night, the New Day tag team made its sensational appearance on that of the show, to go to challenge the reigning champions of the roster, to a match on tonight's PPV of the third brand.

As the Pretty Deadly champions did their Christmas story promo in the ring, the music of the New Day blasted through the arena, which literally left the fans waiting in awe. The former tag team champions of the main roster thus challenged the two NXT champions, stating that they still have a long list of tag teams they want to challenge and they are the first ones.

The New Day triumphs on NXT

Overnight, the unthinkable happened, with the New Day beating the defending champions in the title match, becoming tag team champions for the first time on the federation's third roster. The match in question was hilarious for the audience present in the room, with all four contenders who at one point staged the famous angle by Eddie Guerrero, who used to attack his opponent and then pretend of being hit with a chair or a belt.

In the end, however, the victory came for the New Day, with Kofi Kingston stomping Elton Prince, ending the contest. Now, The New Day boasts tag team titles won on all three of the company's rosters: NXT, Raw and Smackdown.

Who knows how long this new reign will last? On the most recent episode of WWE's The Bump, Angelo and Montez claimed that they would like to see New Day join the club. "Of course we want The New Day to match us (in being Triple Crown Champions).

We already got one-up on them anyway, we already beat them before. So, if they become Triple Crown champs like us," said Angelo. "I'd say welcome to the club," Ford chimed in.