NXT is set to grow further

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NXT is set to grow further

In recent months, WWE has begun a process of total renewal of its NXT, even going so far as to call its roster NXT 2.0, which is a second version of NXT, much more colorful, with different environments, different light sets, different rosters and even numerous new Superstars and feuds never seen in the third brand of the McMahon company.

Furthermore, in the very last period, WWE has sent several great characters from its main roster to perform at NXT, such as AJ Styles, who had a brief feud with Grayson Waller, Natalya, Sonya Deville or Dolph Ziggler, who he had also brought Robert Roode with him and who even held the position of being absolute champion of the third WWE brand, becoming NXT Champion for a few months, only to lose again against the former champion, Bron Breakker.

After seeing the return of the roster to "normal" NXT, without any number, thanks to the return to the command of Triple H's creative team, several other young athletes from the main roster have returned to appear in the rings of the federation's third brand, such as example Nikki ASH and Doudrop or Ricochet, who challenged the category champions at Worlds Collide.

Or even last Saturday night, with the New Day taking the tag titles, beating the champions Pretty Deadly at NXT Deadline.

Latest update on NXT

For WWE fans who also assiduously follow the weekly Main Event episodes, this will be quite clear for weeks, given that WWE is carrying out a series of matches within the company's secondary program, in which several athletes are used by NXT.

For many others who only occasionally stumble upon Main Event matches, this is strange. So why is WWE using so many NXT athletes to wrestle them in Main Event? The answer comes to us from the usual Fightful Select, which in one of its latest updates, reported: “Since live audiences returned last year, NXT talent has started working regularly in dark matches or Main Events to help evaluate them.

An internal source at NXT has indicated to us the fact that the upper echelons of WWE think that a more correct evaluation of the athletes also passes from their immediate connection with a main roster audience, given that in most of their time in front of the television audience of NXT, such athletes always work in front of the usual 100-200 people.

However, this does not mean that all athletes who pass from the Main Event are then called to the main roster. Instead, WWE tries to push everyone out of the Performance Center for a bit, to let them take a look at what's outside. Several NXT talents have told us to see Main Event as a reward."