Kyle O’Reilly on Short ROH Title Reign

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Kyle O’Reilly on Short ROH Title Reign

A lot of indie superstars don’t consider the WWE as an option for themselves. They either don’t expect a call from the WWE or they simply do not wish to work for them unless the offer is really good. Other wrestlers just prefer to work on the indie circuit as they are given a lot of creative freedom by the various promotions that they work at.

Kyle O’Reilly for a long time didn’t consider the WWE as an option and he stated during a podcast that he could have worked in Japan for the rest of his life. He said that on an episode of the Edge and Christian podcast.

He also talked about his ROH Title reign being short as he received a call from NXT when he was a champion. "When I did finally get the call, it was when I finally won the Ring Of Honor World title and William Regal called me up and said that they wanted to hire me and I was like, 'oh, but I'm the Ring Of Honor World Champion now' and he was like, 'isn't there something you could do about that?' I was like, 'oh, I can read between the lines,'" O'Reilly laughed.

"So I'm the shortest reigning Ring Of Honor Champion in history. And then, the weekend after dropping it, I get a call saying, 'oh, I guess there's some kind of legal dispute between our companies' or whatever it ended up being, 'but we have to go radio silent for six months”.