*Spoiler* Roxanne Perez becomes champion

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*Spoiler* Roxanne Perez becomes champion

During Saturday night, WWE staged the latest NXT effort, with the ppv Deadline entertaining the WWE Universe for a few hours, with several very important matches that left the company's fans speechless and above all the NXT Universe.

Among the many titled or in any case very important disputes of the night, we also saw the New Day couple, formed by Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, go and try to conquer the tag team titles of the third brand of the company for the first time, with the Pretty Deadly who staged one of their best performances in the NXT rings, alongside the veterans of the main roster.

As already reported in the Saturday morning news of WorldWrestling, the duo from the main roster prevailed, with the New Day thus graduating as the new NXT tag team champions, for the first time in their careers the wrestlers.

In addition to this great titled victory, WWE aired for the first time in its history, two new matches, one male and one female, called Iron Survivor Match, or a dispute with special rules inside, which have pooled several existing types of match.

The winners of the two disputes that would then give the right to a titled match against the respective category champions were Grayson Waller for men and Roxanne Perez for women. The young Roxanne didn't even have to wait too long to have her title match, since just tonight, in the last episode of NXT, it was aired for WWE.

Roxanne Perez is the new NXT champion

During the night, WWE wanted to immediately stage the title match between champion Mandy Rose, who reaches 413 days with her title and the new challenger Roxanne Perez. Although in the storyline the young girl was serving terrible moments due to an injured shoulder, in the end the victory went to Perez, who ended Mandy Rose's reign after more than a whole year, leaving the fans amazed.

The young Perez also came out of a finisher of the champion, while Mandy was unable to get out of the count of three after her finisher, therefore having to abdicate her crown of champion. Thus, the rumors that had already been filmed shortly before the NXT live broadcast, which gave Perez as the winner of the titled match, became reality, even if many did not believe it.

Her arrival in WWE was a great moment, but to her, it's something she still can't believe is reality. “I still feel like a little kid every single day that I go to work. I feel like everything has been happening so fast, but I feel like everything happens the way it’s meant to happen. It’s so cool getting to work with Shawn Michaels."