NXT Superstar Given a New Character

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NXT Superstar Given a New Character

Although the WWE has some of the best wrestlers of the world, they still need to change characters and update old ones. Most fans come for the story and not the matches! The storylines can only be good if the characters involved in it are strong and can work well in the storyline.

Many NXT superstars are given new characters and gimmicks before they are called to the main roster. The WWE does this to keep things fresh inside the promotion and for the fans. This helps the WWE generate more money as they can easily market a new character.

Punishment Martinez is a NXT Superstar and he will now become Damien Priest. It will be a very dark character. Martinez is a former ROH TV Champion. His new character was revealed in the new WWE Developmental profile released by Sport Business Journal.

Martinez is going to get new entrance music and a new outfit for his character. "I've always been into the weird, the odd, the dark, so that's the character I've always represented," he said. Although he will get a new character, his WWE roster name is still ‘Punishment Martinez’.

His name on his social media account hasn’t changed either. He joined the WWE on October 28 and debuted as a heel wrestler. We do not know when he will start using his new character at NXT Live events.