Quincy Elliott responds harshly to fans

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Quincy Elliott responds harshly to fans

In the last two years, we have seen WWE go to release numerous athletes, both on the main roster and at NXT, with e Chairman Vince McMahon who had his own idea of the pandemic and therefore attempted to contain the costs of the federation, firing over 300 employees from all of its offices and rosters.

In one of the latest waves of releases carried out by WWE only a few months ago, unfortunately the former North American champion of NXT, Bronson Reed, had also returned, who was considered by many to be one of the most agile and prodigious athletes despite his size, a a bit like Keith Lee, with such athletes capable of making very interesting and choreographic flights, despite the many extra kilos on them, which a wrestler usually does not have or Mercedes Martinez, first seen on the main roster and then released.

Immediately after the release that came like a bolt from the blue, obviously Bronson had remained silent for a while like the many sacked colleagues, trying to metabolize the bad blow that came at the hands of the company's executives, as also happened for Karrion Kross, Velveteen Dream, Keith Lee and all the various ex NXT, who also passed on the main roster.

In fact, NXT has also been targeted in an important way, with several other layoffs, given the birth of NXT 2.0, which then returned to being normally NXT, after the arrival of Triple H at the helm of the creative team. WWE recently announced Quincy Elliott as the host of NXT Halloween Havoc 2022.

Quincy Elliott responds to fans

Over the past few weeks, new rumors had surfaced that some NXT Superstars were in danger of imminent release, with fans and company insiders alike starting to talk about it on social media.

Some fans wished some of the company's Superstars to be released, with one of them not wanting to remain silent, but speaking her mind on social media, literally burning fans' hate-filled comments. Quincy Elliott was one of these and thus replied to a fan who wished him the release: Hey low life I'm still employed I hope you never have any friends who lose their source of income tho 🤦🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/JC2pOu7OlQ — 😻SUPERDIVA 😻 (@Quincy__WWE) November 1, 2022.

"Hey sad life I'm still under contract and I hope you never have any friends who lose their livelihoods". Once again, the Super Diva proves to be such, with a clean and precise comment that eliminates the fan who wished one of the worst things in life to an athlete.