Wrestling veteran slams NXT

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Wrestling veteran slams NXT

On the latest episode of his Wrestling With Freddie Podcast, Freddie Prinze Jr. reacted to a voicemail from IMPACT Wrestling referee Daniel Spencer where Spencer spoke passionately about IMPACT explaining why Freddie should give the brand more than one chance.

Prinze, after hearing from Spencer, said he would gladly watch IMPACT as soon as he got the chance, saying it can't be worse than the current state of NXT because "nothing in the world" could be worse than that, going on to heavily insult the product proposed by WWE.

"I promise you this sir, I have AXS TV. I have that channel, so I don't need YouTube, and you have my word I will watch everything. I know, it will be better than NXT because there is nothing in the world worse than the damn show.

I gave it a chance. Like once every six weeks I watch it a bit, and it's absolute rubbish. It went from being my favorite promotion, when it was gold and black, to being unwatchable. IN-GUAR -DA-BI-LE. Like a local theater production.

The last two episodes I tried to watch, it was terrible," said Freddie.

Freddie Prinze Jr. slams NXT

WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels spoke about which NXT Superstars would be ready to make the jump to the main roster of the federation, then to Raw or SmackDown.

As the NXT show continues to find its footing, HBK said he is very proud of the talent he is dealing with. During his pre-NXT Deadline speech, Shawn Michaels named six NXT stars ready to make the big jump. Among those nominated, HBK has singled out the champion duo of Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson and Elton Prince).

Both will get a taste of main roster competition at NXT Deadline when they pit their crowns against Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, a century on New Day. Additionally, Shawn Michaels named Zoe Stark as a girl ready for in-ring action on the WWE main screens.

Now, speaking on his Wrestling with Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. made a bold suggestion for AEW. “They have to start it by signing a bunch of these [recently released] women, but what if AEW do a women’s division, and gave it an hour and a half, or gave it the full two hours on one of their nights?” On the latest episode of Wrestling with Freddie, when the booking of SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan was brought up.

“I don’t know whose fault this is,” Freddie Prinze Jr. began. “Hear me out on this. I’ve never seen someone have to play a weak champion. Someone who tapped out to get the belt, but remains a babyface."