Grayson Waller on the NXT Title match: I’ve been studying that guy for a while

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Grayson Waller on the NXT Title match:  I’ve been studying that guy for a while

Grayson Waller spoke to Fightful about his plans. He will never forget the match with Akira Tozawa. It was a spectacle with a special atmosphere. Waller felt like he belonged right there. “It was the best. I think with this NXT crowd, it’s the same people every week.

They love it, they come every week. But you kind of get used to it. It becomes the same [vibe]. I know who’s going to sit in this seat and all those types of things. I went out there for that match with Tozawa, you look around and you’re like, ‘Wow.

This is what the big time’s like.’ But I felt completely comfortable. You never really know until you walk through the curtain. You can kinda see the crowd beforehand, you can kinda hear it, but you don’t know until you walk through, and the moment I walked through, I was like, ‘Yeah, this is where I belong.’ It was proper Tozawa, too.

He wasn’t a ninja anymore. It was like an actual Tozawa to fight against, which was sick. That’s where I belong, and I think a lot of people will know that”. - he said, as quoted by

NXT Title Match

The NXT Title match is next for him.

He considers it the biggest match of his career, and he didn't forget to analyze Bron Breaker. Waller is aware of the qualities he possesses and knows very well how to prepare. “This is the biggest show, start off the year, NXT Championship.

This is the biggest match in my career. But I knew this was coming. I knew me and Bron were heading on a collision course a year ago. So since then, I’ve watched every Bron Breakker match; It doesn’t matter if it’s on TV, whether it was at a live event at some of the coconut shows that we do, whether it’s here at the PC, maybe he’s doing some training, my eyes have been on him.

So I’ve been studying that guy for a while. He’s not smart enough to have done the same thing for me. So I know exactly what Bron’s bringing to the table. He’s a machine, he should not move that fast for how big he is.

So I was smart enough to know that, and I know what I’m going to do. I went home recently for about ten days, I went home, and I trained with some of my guys from PWA, my company that I work with back home because I needed people who know me and know me best and get away from the distractions because this is the biggest match of my career”.