*Spoiler* Shocking appearance on NXT

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*Spoiler* Shocking appearance on NXT

In recent months, WWE has begun a process of total renewal of its NXT, even going so far as to call its roster NXT 2.0, which is a second version of NXT, much more colorful, with different environments, different light sets, different rosters and even numerous new Superstars and feuds never seen in the third brand of the McMahon company.

Furthermore, in the very last period, WWE has sent several great characters from its main roster to perform at NXT, with the last two names being those of the New Day, who have even become tag team champions of the third WWE brand.

For WWE fans who also assiduously follow the weekly Main Event episodes, this will be quite clear for weeks, given that WWE is carrying out a series of matches within the company's secondary program, in which several NXT athletes.

For many others who only occasionally stumble upon Main Event matches, it turns out to be a bit strange. In fact, in recent weeks, Triple H and his associates have begun to use the Main Event stage as a trampoline for NXT's emerging youngsters, trying to get them to have a large audience in front of them, but for a less important and less stressful occasion than a taping.

of Raw or Smackdown.

Jinder Mahal appears on NXT

In the last weekly episode of NXT, which aired tonight, WWE wanted to include a former world champion from its main roster in the storylines of NXT's young talent. In fact, Jinder Mahal, former WWE Champion of the McMahons, appeared on NXT television screens for the first time, attacking two athletes from the federation's third roster, allying himself with an old acquaintance of his.

While the Creed Brothers were doing their segment with Sanga, an athlete of Indian origins already seen alongside Veer Mahan, in the Indus Sheer team, it was Jinder Mahal who attacked them from behind, with the former world champion on the main roster having thus joined forces with Sanga, since partner Veer could not take part in the match initially scheduled for the evening.

After attacking the two brothers from behind, Jinder mahal left it to his new partner to finish off his opponents on the steel steps, later releasing a very short promo in which he said: "Veer and Sanga fight for respect, But not me".

It therefore seems that in the coming weeks we will see the former WWE Champion in the NXT rings, engaged in some great storyline of the third brand of the Stamford company.