*Spoiler* Dijak got the spotlight he needed

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*Spoiler* Dijak got the spotlight he needed

Hello everyone and welcome back to the first special event of this year NXT branded and which takes the name of New Year's Evil. The evening opens with the first match which sees the continuation of a rivalry that revolves around the North American Championship.

SINGLES MATCH: Dijak vs. Tony D'Angelo; The two give it a damn and almost immediately the match moves to the ringside where Dijak ends up with a big boot on the steel steps missing his opponent. Back on the ropes the contest continues to be balanced until Tony throws Dijak out of the ring with a clothesline.

Dijak manages to take control of the dispute by trying to throw Tony against the barricade but Stacks takes care of cushioning the blow who literally throws himself between Tony and the barricade, thus limiting the damage for his "boss".

Back on the ropes again, the rhythms begin to drop until Dijak lands the superkick and sit-out chokeslam combo which only gives him a 2 count. Neither of them intends to let go. Stacks tries everything to help Tony but ends up even being handcuffed to the stake.

Stacks doesn't give up and begs Tony to let him suffer the next blow inflicted by Dijak declaring that for the "boss" he would do anything. Tony then grabs Stacks and yells at him that he's not his "boss" and they're actually family.

Tony then dodges Stacks ending up suffering the devastating Big Boot from Dijak which is followed by the count of 3.

Dijak got the spotlight he needed

The match was decent, and Dijak got the spotlight he needed. N.1 CONTENDER GOUNTLET MATCH: Pretty Deadly vs The Rockers; The Pretty Deadly get rid of their opponents in a few seconds, thus obtaining their first victory.

The story changes with the arrival of the next challengers who are presented by the current pair champions Kofi Kingston and Javier Woods. Edris Enofé & Malik Blade The dispute inevitably increases in level and intensity but the Pretty Deadly unleash all their cunning and, albeit with difficulty, bring home the result thanks to a cunning Wilson who in fact overturns a roll-up performed by Enofé thus allowing Prince to get the count of 3.

Now it's Briggs and Jensen's turn but they can't show up as they were attacked backstage by someone unknown. Prince and Wilson immediately sing victory when the music of those who may have gotten rid of Briggs and Jensen resounds in the arena… Gallus Mark Coffey and Wolfgang enter the ring.