*Spoiler* Grasyon Waller challenged Bron Breakker

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*Spoiler* Grasyon Waller challenged Bron Breakker

We are offered again the countdown that has been accompanying us for a few weeks now. At the count of 0 Tiffany Stratton appears in the arena who, microphone in her hand, does not hesitate to insult all her colleagues present in the backstage by asserting that the real superstar is back.

She further asserts that many of her have tried to replace her but none of her had her character and style thus failing miserably. Finally, she informs us that 2023 has officially begun as the Standard is back. Let's now move on to the key match of this episode which sees the reign of Bron Breakker in serious danger.

NXT TITLE MATCH: Bron Breakker (c) vs. Grayson Waller; We witness an excellent match with the champion intent on not giving way to the challenger and to do so he scores 2 belly to beelly overhead suplexes to which a side slam.

The situation for the champion becomes complicated when he is badly thrown against the stake with an Irish Whip which even causes the support of the second rope to break. The dispute continues with both athletes who have no intention of giving up the shot.

Bron lands with a double shoulder block followed by a powerslam. The champion then tries his hand at the bulldog avalnce and then tries the spear. Grayson then takes refuge at ringside from where he also manages to "guillotine" Bron using the top rope.

Grasyon Waller challenged Bron Breakker

Grasyon Waller challenged Bron Breakker for the WWE NXT Championship. Not happy, the challenger performs his canonical leap complete with a somersault through the ropes that usually leads to the stunner.

However, Bron is ready to respond with his spear but Grayson does not lose concentration and manages to hit the champion in the face with his forearm, then attempting the pin that does not go beyond the count of 2. Now we see Grayson climbing the second rope which however gives way, exactly as before, but this time causing the athlete to fall badly at ringside who also suffers a bad blow to the head.

The referee then begins the count which inexorably reaches 10 thus defining the conclusion of the clash. Result: victory for Bron Breakker by count-out who is therefore confirmed as NXT Champion. Needless to say how embarrassing it is to see a titled defense end up in ring maintenance problems, albeit in storyline.

Let's move on to the next match. SINGLES MATCH: Charlie Dempsey vs. Hank Walker; We see a decent match with Hank Walker constantly supported by Drew Gulak. However, Dempsey has no intention of being intimidated by the size of the former NXT bodyguard and to do so he starts working with joint wrenches on Hank's lower levers, trying to close him in a variant of the STF which however is not successful.