Alexander Wolfe shows miraculous physical change

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Alexander Wolfe shows miraculous physical change

On the evening of May 19 last year, as reported on our WorldWrestling newsboard, WWE wanted to terminate some of the contracts of its insiders as well as some NXT athletes, ahead of time, thus not waiting for the natural expiration of the contract, but dismissing them immediately after weeks or months of inactivity.

Among the many quite unknown names, however, Alexander Wolfe, a well-known member of the Imperium, also emerged, who had appeared in a match just in the episode of NXT a few hours earlier, after which the remaining team members, momentarily orphans of the leader WALTER (now Gunther), have decided to attack Wolfe, effectively ousting him from the team.

After seeing this angle, fans of the federation had already started trying to understand what Wolfe's future could have been outside of the Imperium. We too had tried during the Black & Gold Vibe of our Twitch channel and apparently, we had brought some bad luck to the wrestler, declaring that we did not see a good future for him in the federation rings.

Alexander Wolfe shows a physical change

After leaving WWE, Wolfe certainly didn't leave the world of pro-wrestling, starting to work for the American independent scene. In addition to starting to work for various American and non-American indies, Alexander Wolfe has also increased his work in the gym, significantly improving his physique, which at the time of his dismissal from WWE was decidedly heavy (you may remember it as in the cover image of our news).

In the last few hours, a photo has emerged online showing the considerable changes and physical improvements that the athlete has had after leaving the scene from WWE, with a truly stunning comparison between the before and after.

But let's see the difference between the two athletes who don't even look like the same person: After signing a deal with WWE in 2015, moving first to Sanity and then Gunther's Imperium, Wolfe has embarked on a new career in the world of independent wrestling, with this major physical change that could lead some major companies to notice him of new, with some large company that could thus return to bet on him.

There was a round of releases recently from WWE NXT. The likes of Alexander Wolfe, Vanessa Borne, and Jessamyn Duke were amongst the superstars who were let go by the company. "Just for the record: My WWE contract will expire on June 15th.

That means I'm a free agent on June 16th. I have a lot in my head right now so let's keep it short: Thank you @WWENXT @WWE for 6 year. Bye bye," said Wolfe.