Vince McMahon Changes War Riders Name

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Vince McMahon Changes War Riders Name

The NXT Tag Champions were known as the War Riders. The War Riders are now known as the Viking Experience. According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, this was a call made by Vince McMahon. They are now part of the WWE RAW Roster after the Superstar Shakeup.

Hanson is now called Ivar and Rowe and known is Erik. There was already a lot of talk about the War from the name being dropped as the War term is a little controversial these days. Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Radio stated that this name change was not due to this term.

Vince simply disliked the War Raiders name. He just wanted a new name for them before they came to RAW. The Berserkers was also a name that was suggested for them, but in the end the name The Viking Experience was selected for them.

It was WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley that proposed the idea that the ‘War’ in their name could cause an issue sometime in the future. He stated that it simply does not fit well in the 2019 era of the WWE. it is worth noting that Ember Moon is known as ‘The War Goddess’ and the WWE organizes it’s NXT “Takeover: War Games” events almost every single year.

The tweet by Foley read, “Anything with the word “war” in it is just not going to fly in @WWE in 2019.
The #Warlord is now taking bookings at #VikingLord and old Attitude Era #Raw episodes have been renamed #RawIsViking”