Triple H On What WWE Wants from Talents

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Triple H On What WWE Wants from Talents

The WWE is the largest wrestling promotion of the world and they can only stay on top of the wrestling world if they hire the best wrestlers of the world. unfortunately, not every wrestler can be a part of the WWE. Some extremely talented wrestlers do not make it through the WWE tryouts.

Many of the best wrestlers of the WWE came from WWE Tryouts. Many great wrestlers also failed their tryouts! Most wrestlers that pass their tryouts are placed in the WWE Development Center. They are then developed and placed on one of WWE’s smaller brands, like NXT.

The WWE recently held its tryouts. Triple H spoke to the Sports Business Journal about what the WWE looks for. The WWE Performance Center in Orlando was the host of the tryouts. "What we're really looking for, though, when they start to break down is, 'how do you really act?'" Triple H said.

"Are you the type of person that when you're tired and exhausted puts the other person down to get in front of them, or are you the type of person that looks to the person next to you and picks them up and says, 'Come on, let's go, we're going to finish this.' Because you can't do it by yourself in this business. So you have to be that emergent leader."