NXT is likely to have a serious problem

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NXT is likely to have a serious problem

As we've all known for some time now, WWE has very binding contracts with the networks that air its main shows: Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown and NXT. If Raw and Smackdown are currently still armored with their million-dollar contracts with USA Network and FOX, as far as NXT is concerned, it seems that the third brand of the company could soon be left without a network that broadcasts the his bets.

According to WWE's latest financial call, for the last fourth quarter of 2022, in fact, company executives have let investors know how the agreement between USA Network and WWE for broadcasting will expire in 2023 on Nxt TV.

Apparently, the reference month should be September, as reported on the pages of Ringside News. At the moment we don't know if WWE and the television organization already have a new agreement ready to renew their partnership that has been going on for years with Raw, but if not, WWE executives will have to hurry up to find a new negotiation, in order not to remain without a network.

William Regal is working on NXT

After being released by Vince McMahon, former NXT GM William Regal spent a few months working with rival AEW. After the departure of the historic Chairman, Triple H strongly wanted William Regal in WWE, bringing him back to a managerial role in the backstage, both with the main roster and at NXT.

As reported in the last few weeks by PW Insider, William Regal will be present in all the tapings of both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, with the former NXT GM who will not, however, be able to appear on-screen, in front of the cameras with a storyline role, at the behest of All Elite Wrestling president Tony Khan, who agreed to his departure from AEW without retaliation, but for a year wanted Regal not to appear on television.

The main reason that prompted WIlliam Regal to return to WWE, however, seems to be the presence of his son Charlie Dempsey at NXT, with the son of the former English wrestler, who looks terribly like him from the third brand, who will in fact be joined by his very father Often.

William decided to return to WWE precisely to be by his son's side and to help him grow in the world of pro-wrestling, perhaps waiting to be able to act as his on-screen manager as well.

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