*Spoiler* Apollo Crews has been betrayed

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*Spoiler* Apollo Crews has been betrayed

During the night, WWE aired its latest NXT effort, with Vengeance Day being one of the most followed events in recent months for the third brand of the McMahon federation. Among the many matches on the event card, there was also a Two Out of Three Falls match between Apollo Crews and former NXT North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes, with the two putting up a very very interesting and nice to see.

To win the first ringing of the bell was Carmelo, who initially made his opponent give in, with the surprise that however arrived at the end, when Commander Azeez, former bodyguard of Apollo Crews, appeared near the ring.

In this particular juncture, however, Azeez returned to take on the role of Dabba Kato, as also announced by Vic Joseph at the microphones of the event, with the WWE giant returning to the character he had at Raw Undergorund with Shane Mcmahon.

After hitting the springboard clothesline, Hayes went to the top rope to hit his finisher for the win by getting the second fall. This led to Hayes winning the match 2-0. After managing to take out Trick Williams, Dabba Kato was however unable to stop the action of Carmelo Hayes, who pinned Apollo Crews for the second time to win the match.

After the match, Dabba Kato climbed into the ring to get Apollo Crews up, then hit him treacherously after an embrace between the two, with a sensational heel turn against him that left the fans shocked.

Apollo Crews praises HBK

Apollo Crews returned to the Black and Gold brand on the June 7, 2022 episode and immediately started showcasing his talent.

“Shawn Michaels gives us a huge hand from all points of view. His ideas are often brilliant and allow us to grow our characters. I put my faith in him without any hesitation. I think he has faith in me too, otherwise he wouldn't have given me so many chances” – said Crews.

“I will never stop thanking him for bringing my career back to the top and I really want not to let him down. It is an honor for me to work closely with a legend like HBK, I feel I have a great opportunity. He is always open to dialogue and answers all our questions with the utmost availability." Michaels recently commented on Vince Mcmahon's farewell: "I never imagined what that moment would be like.

He has dedicated his entire life to WWE, making it one of the most famous companies in the world."

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