*Spoiler* Dijak suffered a serious injury

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*Spoiler* Dijak suffered a serious injury

Last night, WWE staged its latest PLE dedicated to Nxt, with the PPV Vengeance Day which did not disappoint the fans' expectations, staging several very interesting matches. In one of them, Dijak, formerly known as Dominik Dijakovic and also as T-Bar and Wes Lee, former North American champion of the yellow and black brand of WWE, were involved.

The match of the two athletes was really very excited and full of action, with a phase of the dispute that however left its mark on Dijak's body, who suffered a very bad injury to the finger of one hand and which was taken over by the WWE live.

With a blow that arrived in a rather clumsy way, one of Dijak's fingers dislocated, coming out of its natural seat and twisting in a frightening way, as reported by the WWE images, which then went around the web and social networks.

We advise the more sensitive public not to continue reading the article if they do not want to see strong images of the athlete's hand injury.

Update on Dijak

During the ppv presented by WWE NXT on the night of October 22, Halloween Havoc, the third brand of the McMahon federation had wanted to imply how a well-known character on the main roster could soon instead join forces with the NXT roster.

During a live video broadcast that night, a person was seen throwing what appeared to be T-Bar's mask into a burning fire. Without leaving further clues, to throw further fuel on the fire, Shawn Michaels thought about it during the usual post-event press conference, with HBK referring to the possible passage of T-Bar back to NXT with the phrase: "Funny, a new toy".

We recall how T-Bar had already been in NXT for some time before the Retribution under the name of Dominik Dijakovic, with the athlete who had also fought for the NXT Championship, when the champion was Keith Lee, an athlete currently in AEW.

Dijak broke his finger during NXT North American Championship match against Wes Lee. WWE NXT Superstar Dijak recently pleaded with Twitter owner Elon Musk to let him change his name on the social media platform. "Hello @elonmusk, if I pay your stupid $8 fee would that mean I can finally change my God forsaken name officially to DIJAK because the last thing on this planet that I want to be is T-BAR. Thank you," wrote Dijak.

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