Shawn Michaels makes a major revelation

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Shawn Michaels makes a major revelation

Yesterday evening February 4, 2023, Reality Of Wrestling, a promotion owned by Booker T also managed with the help of his wife Sharmell, announced that WWE wrestler Ivy Nile, who currently is busy with her work in the brand of NXT.

This obviously gave rise to a lot of speculation about the possibility of seeing WWE collaborate with various independent professional wrestling realities, especially after the journalist of the Wrestling Observer, Bryan Alvarez, tweeted: “NXT will allow talent to work in some selected indies henceforth, quite an important fact”.

To give the denial, however, Shawn Michaels thought about it who during the post NXT Vengeance Day media call (here the results of the show), replied to the Fightful journalist Sean Ross Sapp saying: "At the time, that was honestly a one-time deal and that's it.

Booker has obviously been very good to us here. It was something he asked for and we obviously wanted to help him with that. At the moment, none of that is being talked about, to my knowledge. Right now, it was just us helping Booker with the show and doing what we could to see if we could help.

Right now, as far as I know, it's just a one time deal and that's it for now."

Shawn Michaels is a legend

Towards the end of January 2023 we reported that the relationship between WWE and the independent federations would soon break down, with the McMahon company which had long been broadcasting realities such as PROGRESS on the WWE Newtwok: "A WWE source indicated to Fightful that will disrupt the indie content on the WWE Network,” these are his exact words of the journalists of Fightful.

Confirmation from PROGRESS itself arrived shortly after, with the co-owners issuing a press release to speak openly with fans. WWE Senior VP of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels recently praised Dakota Kai of Damage CTRL.

During a press conference hosted by Shawn Michaels ahead of NXT Vengeance Day, the WWE legend spoke on the attitude towards William Regal now that he's returned. "He hasn’t been down here a bunch, obviously because he’s been busy, but at the same time, [we are] thrilled.

Again, for us, it’s having him home where he belongs. Obviously, he’s always welcome here at the PC, but quite honestly, it was a very nice homecoming for all of us to get to see him. He’s one we consider an O.G.

here, and obviously more than anything it is, it’s when the real-life stuff all matters to us. He’s comfortable back home, and we’re looking forward to having him down here on a more regular basis."

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