Alexa Bliss on NXT Helping Her

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Alexa Bliss on NXT Helping Her

Some of the most popular WWE Stars in the world today were actually NXT wrestlers. NXT is where wrestlers develop themselves and their characters. Most NXT superstars stay at NXT for a long time in order to build a large fan base.

Of course, it is really up to WWE when they want to call a wrestler to the main roster. Alexa Bliss is one of WWE’s top female talents. She started in the WWE at NXT, and had a very different character. She is still an active wrestle, but has also taken a non-wrestling role as a show hostess.

Alexa Bliss spoke with Justin Barrasso about the competition in WWE: "I did it my way, and I couldn't ask for anything better," Bliss said. "I knew what I was getting into when I joined WWE. There were girls who wrestled on the independent circuit, there were girls who were generational, and I came not really knowing anything.

I remember telling my mom, 'These girls are so good, I don't think I can make.' ” She also stated that she was super nervous when she came to Smackdown: "When I first got onto SmackDown, I remember being so nervous," said Bliss.

"In WWE, if you're given an opportunity but you don't deliver, that opportunity may never come back. I remember my very first promo on SmackDown, and I remember knowing I had to deliver. The microphone has been my saving grace throughout my career, giving me opportunities like hosting WrestleMania."