Grayson Waller has been suspended

NXT 2.0 continues to evolve in front of our eyes, with several interesting developments this week

by Simone Brugnoli
Grayson Waller has been suspended

After seeing Grayson Waller try to take the NXT champion belt from Bron Breakker, in the main event of NXT: Vengeance Day last Saturday, also using the steel cage to his advantage but failing, an angry Waller had interrupted the conference call with the media of Shawn Michaels and other NXT executives, railing against Breakker and the officials themselves.

After also hearing Matt Bloom clamoring for Waller to leave, the same athlete would have started to inveigh against him too, with this behavior that obviously had consequences. With a statement that arrived on its social networks, WWE made it official that it had suspended the NXT athlete for a week, at the behest of Shawn Michaels himself.

With his usual ironic arrogance, however, Waller also responded to this suspension, writing: "I'm so sorry Shawn! Let me come back! I promise I'll take a nice picture with you like all the other locker room fans."

Shawn Michaels sospende Grayson Waller

As stated in recent weeks by Mike Johnson, a well-known PW Insider journalist during a question and answer session with fans, it seems that the pair of former NXT tag team champions could soon pass into the main roster rings on Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown.

In updating him, Johnson indeed stated: “There were discussions right after Pretty Deadly lost the NXT Tag Team Titles that they might get a makeover and appear at some main roster house shows in January, but beyond that, there hasn't been anything yet.

confirmed in this". In addition to the names of the two former tag team champions, WWE would also have considered a call to the main roster for Grayson Waller and Von Wagner, with the latter having already appeared in some segments, as one of the many athletes who was going to interrupt an on-screen brawl, but for him there was nothing more.

NXT Superstar Grayson Waller spoke about some of his scrapped main roster plans during a recent interview. "They kind of just threw me out there in a way, too. I wasn’t supposed to have a microphone that night," Waller said.

“Then things changed during the day and, all of a sudden, I did. I just knew, if you put a microphone in my hands, it’s magic. There’s something about, I don’t know what it is, but I can talk. If you put a microphone in my hand, I’m going to make TV magic."

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