JD McDonagh suffered an injury

NXT 2.0 continues to evolve in front of our eyes, with several interesting developments this week

by Simone Brugnoli
JD McDonagh suffered an injury

Unfortunately in professional wrestling there is always the risk of running into some injuries, with wrestlers who constantly put their bodies on the line for work, but also to entertain us, and it seems that for now NXT has to give up two of its Superstars, one by one less extended period of time with a minor injury, and one who could be out for a long time.

The first we want to tell you about is the Irish JD McDonagh, former lightweight champion better known as Jordan Devlin, who announced in a tweet that he has a detached retina in his right eye. He stated that he estimates a recovery time of 10-14 days, although he is waiting for a specific treatment plan, even teasing colleague Dragunov: “For the NXT fans who will be at Live Events in Tampa/Citrus Springs this end week, unfortunately, after a surprise attack on Tuesday, I have a detached retina in my right eye.

I await a treatment plan, but I estimate a 10-14 day recovery. 10-14 days, @UNBESIEGBAR_ZAR. I'm counting them."

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If JD McDonagh's fortunately doesn't seem to be an injury that will keep him out for a long time, that of his colleague Amari Miller is much more serious.

In fact, the wrestler announced, again through her social networks, that her anterior cruciate ligament was torn, so she will have to go under the knife. In fact, she wrote in the post: "I tore my anterior cruciate ligament and I will have surgery next week.

Life happens in the most absurd way. Everything happens for a reason and I think everything lately has been a blessing for a powerful future. Vi I'll keep everyone posted, minor setback for the big RETURN. Love you guys”.

Unfortunately, it is not exactly a positive period for Amari Miller, who recently told on social networks of her that he had tried to take her life. Obviously we send both her and JD McDonagh a hug and our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

During a recent interview, Triple H shared future plans for the global expansion of the company's developmental brand (NXT). "So, NXT Europe, NXT Australia, NXT South Africa, South America, Mexico, [we will] eventually build that into a global system that will lead to almost a World Cup scenario," Triple H revealed.

"The World Cup finals for NXT will one year be in London, the next year maybe Mexico City, and all the while really what you’re doing is building this fanbase for college football while you’re building stars for the major leagues which is RAW, SmackDown, WrestleMania, right."

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