Chelsea Green Confirms Broken Wrist

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Chelsea Green Confirms Broken Wrist

Professional wrestling careers can end in an instant or get very close to ending. Just one bad move and you are done! Of course, it doesn’t happen all the time, but wrestlers quite often break various body parts of theirs.

Wrestlers have to perform every single week sometimes to make a good amount of money. They hardly get time to recover. Professional wrestlers need to take care of their bodies and perform every move perfectly to avoid getting injured.

Wrestling is super dangerous if you don’t train hard and well. Famous wrestlers are often given very tight schedules and that can frustrate them. That is why so many wrestlers prefer going to a smaller promotion after they get famous as they get a lighter schedule from them.

Chelsea Green confirmed on her Twitter account through a video that she got injured in her very first match for NXT. It occurred after a code breaker was botched. She made a video from her hospital room and told her fans that she will be getting surgery done.

This is what she wrote: "The finish to my first WWE NXT Full Sail match. At this point my forearm had been broken for about four mins or so. Cleanest finish? Strongest pin? Absolutely not...but I think I pulled it off with one wrist. #IndyForLife" She performed really well in her first match and finished the match despite breaking her wrist.