Cameron Grimes was stuck in limbo

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by Simone Brugnoli
Cameron Grimes was stuck in limbo

One of the most loved athletes of the last months of NXT is certainly Cameron Grimes, a former North American champion of the third roster of the McMahon Federation, but also Million Dollar Champion with his feud with Biase Ted.

In the last period, however, Grimes's face would have disappeared into thin air, with the problems behind him with him, who seem to be not easy to solve. As stated in the last few hours by Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer Radio Show, with these words that have also been reported by the WrestlinGNews website, it seems that Grimes has been blocked in a real limbo between NXT and the main roster.

As revealed a few weeks ago, with the advent of Triple H at the head of the creative team, the NXT Superstars ended up their task in the yellow weeks before the call in the main roster, so as not to leave anything in suspense in the third brand, such as Instead it happened with Vince McMahon until last year.

Grimes at the moment would therefore be blocked without any feud or storyline ad nxt, pending the call for the main roster, which however does not yet arrive.

Latest news on Cameron Grimes

In all this, Cameron Grimes'last appearance dates back to last November, when the athlete went against Joe Gacy, in a match on the NXT ring.

Before that apparition, Grimes had already appeared in an episode of Main Event, in a match against Akira Tozawa. In his speech, Dave Meltzer said: "However, I asked for this at least millions of times in the last two weeks.

I'm exaggerating the numbers. What happens with Cameron Grimes? Okay, so the plan is that Cameron Grimes should end with Nxt, because it was to be called in the main roster. Now, what is happening is that they are waiting for an idea for the main roster so he is stopped in limbo.

He finished with NXT and should appear in the main roster, but they still don't have the story for him, so they have to wait and study a story for me. So it's like that." NXT Superstar Cameron Grimes recently spoke about working with WWE legend and Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase.

"You know, in this business, it's very easy to just kinda keep moving on. We;re doing stuff 52 weeks of the year, we're constantly moving. So it doesn't really hit until people like you sit there and say that. Like, holy c**p, I was the last Million Dollar Champion."

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