WWE Producer Praises Cruiserweights

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WWE Producer Praises Cruiserweights

WWE Wrestlers work very hard to entertain the fans. The famous ones are put in the ring almost every single week. Unfortunately, wrestlers get injured and they are at a high risk of injury if they perform regularly. Even though wrestlers are paid well, they perform better if they get praise from their superiors.

This rarely happens and most wrestlers just rely on praise from their fans. This is usually enough to keep them motivated, but sometimes wrestlers complain about not being appreciated by their superiors. WWE producers are responsible for producing each and every event.

They are the ones that need to make sure that the event goes smoothly. WWE producer Hurricane Helms just praised his cruiserweight talents this week after the 205 live event. Even though the 205 Live show isn’t very popular, it does have a number of highly talented wrestlers in it at the moment.

At WWE 205 Live this week, Ariya Daivari defeated Oney Lorcan and can now challenge Tony Nese. Tony Nese is the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion. So at the moment, Daivari is the #1 contender for his title. Shane Helms stated that it was a tough spot and they still managed to perform well with it.

Performing well even if a spot is tough deserves praise as most wrestlers cannot do it. Helms wrote, "Toughest spot of the night, maybe of the week, and these dudes delivered!"